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News – Read Pam’s report after completing her daring 19Km swim to raise funds for the Trust.

A tribute from Guy Culverwell’s family:

Guy got it right – not in an orthodox way for most people, but right for Guy – he was truly a one-off.

Diagnosed diabetic at 20 months, in and out of hospital since then, he knew he would not make old-bones, so he lived his life to the full while he knew he could.

Despite his diabetes, a horrendous car accident while at New Ash Green Middle School and late-diagnosed dyslexia, he succeeded. Revising hour after hour to Queen’s We are the Champions, he got his degree in Computer Science at Greenwich University, where he was a leading light in student activities. He was cheered by his fellow students at the graduation ceremony.

Guy worked hard in several posts, but was also the most social of individuals, creating friendships everywhere, brightening the lives of those who met him, however brief the encounter.

Guy took risks: he swam the River Medway, climbed and caved, flew a light aircraft, sky-dived and, with insulin and blood-monitor packed, travelled wisely and unafraid. He loved music of all kinds and was an avid festival devotee. His prowess at karaoke even led to an offer of a professional career.

But Guy’s real God-given quality was his skill with people. His care and affection, his ability and desire to communicate, his concern for our worked and concern for everyone. At every experience his circle of true friends increased.

Guy loved being a member of what he called a “proper family”. He was proud of us and we of him. Our world is now a darker place. We loved him so much.

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Introduction from Sheriden Sleap:

We would like to remember Guy by helping others who have diabetes, especially children and young people.

A new trust fund has been set up with the help of The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT).

The charity has been working with people with diabetes for over 20 years and their staff really understand the problems of everyone involved with the disease – the patient, their family and friends.

iddtPlease visit The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust website:

In principle, the trust will focus on educating and supporting children and young people with diabetes.

The Trust Fund has the full support of Guy’s family and we will be proud to actively support it in the future. Trustees will comprise members of Guy’s family and friends and representatives of the charity.

The new trust fund is called The Guy Culverwell Children’s Trust.

helping children and young people with diabetes